Letters to Holly

Monday, October 30

The Rest of the Weekend

I woke up dead tired Saturday morning and drove down to Greenville. A small comic convention was held there, and I picked up my comp copies of the Wide Awake anthology with my four-page story. The other Wide Awakers there had nice things to say about my stuff. The con was giving away copies as door prizes, and we sketched inside the front covers. It's a nice comic. The paper stock and colors are top-notch. This is professional printing all the way. I'm proud to be a part of it. I was asked about doing mini-comics and distributing them through Wide Awake at conventions. That's something I can definitely do. I got my first X-Men comic I ever bought signed by the artist (Dave Cockrum, who designed Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and other iconic X-characters), and I bought an original Archie Comics page for $10. A bargain, I dare say. I shot the shit with the Wide Awakers and had a gay old time.

But I had to scurry off to Spartanburg, and I dropped in on the parents for a few hours. I then headed to the local comic shop where the annual Halloween party was also the store's tenth-anniversary party. I love that comic store. It's pound-for-pound the best in the country (yes, even the ones in Harvard and Kenmore Square). Clear lighting and floorspace, clean presentation. It's a slick packaging of many geek wares. The owners is a great guy and dutifully ships my titles to me each month. And if not him, one of the filthy lackeys. I met up with my comic gang, and learned to my shock that Chris and Jared had a baby. They made costumes for the evening (henchmen from "Venture Brothers"), and we returned to the store, ate some snacks, and then went to a local bar. I love my guys, and I miss them something awful here in Mayberry. Your Sis stayed home and graded papers, and everyone wished she could be in town. I drove back home late Saturday night and slept heavy.

On Sunday, we grabbed groceries and ate at the pub. Coffee, of course, followed, and she went back to work while I lazed about the house. She got back that evening, and we carved pumpkins on the back deck while minding the fire pit. Your Mom called, and we talked about the race. Kathy, Travis, and Anna Claire dropped over for a few hours, and we traded race stories and talked baby stuff. A great night. Not too cold, which is good when your elbow-deep in gourds.

Her Teams
New England (6-1), NY Jets (4-4), Oakland (2-5)
Philly (4-4), Detroit (1-6)

My Teams
Miami (1-6), Pittsburgh (2-5)
Philly (4-4), Carolina (4-4)
Carolina couldn't catch a cold Sunday, and their defense was too exhausted to stave off a Dallas flurry in the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh needs to rest their QB for a few weeks, and Philly just can't get it together. Miami? Don't talk to me about Miami.

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