Letters to Holly

Wednesday, November 1


It was dusky as I arrived home and found Your Sis in the driveway setting up the jack o'lanterns. She made lunchbag luminaries, filled them with wet cat litter, and we set them down the driveway to make a path leading kids to the door. We set some candles in the windows, opened all the candy bags into our plastic cauldron, and waited for kids. Two arrived right before 7 p.m., and then we ate supper as we waited for others. We watched "Six Feet Under" with the front door open in view of the TV, and would you know it, a lone six-year-old walked up right as characters were talking about sex. I don't think it registered with her. We had two large groups arrive within a few minutes of each other.

We also had a lone teenage boy arrive sans costume. He was carrying a pillowcase. He range the bell, and said nothing as I opened the door. Just stood there and held up his bag. Now, I believe in age limits for trick-or-treaters. I do. I wouldn't allow any kid over 12 to do it. But I'm willing to give candy (and we had plenty) to someone who has the right spirit. This boy had none. He just wanted free grub, and he was offering no effort to get it save walking to doors and announcing himself. I held the candy cauldron on my hip, lowered my lids, and said "I need to hear the phrase." "Trick or treat," he mumbled, and I gave him one piece of candy. One. Everyone else got handfuls.

Kathy and Travis came over a little later to show off Anna Claire's pumpkin costume. We ate candy and watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead. While we didn't get to see all of it (Your Sis went to bed, and they left), it had the makings of a fun horror film. I wanna see the rest. I'm also about halfway through Donnie Darko, and I have no idea where this film is going.

Oh, my official 5k time is listed as 31:03:06. I can beat that. I know I can.

Pictures of the Day
Her jack o'lantern. It's much better than mine.

In the News
I'm so fucking tired of the the campaign ads. But John Kerry is a friggin' idiot for botching a lay-up punchline and handing the GOP a bulletin board sound byte to rally around.

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