Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 10

Three-Day Weekend

Let me see if I can remember Friday. Oh yeah, Your Sis hosted a baby shower, so I ducked out and hit the gym. Saturday, we went to the college campus for Homecoming and saw no one I knew. Students, that is. We saw some art teachers, including one who asked me for comparisons between Illustrator on PC vs. Mac. I got to help an art teacher and thus an angel gets its wings. We watched a little of the women's volleyball game before strolling the bookstore and heading uptown. I had to buy new running shoes, and they fit like a foot corset. It's perversely comfortable. I then gave blood, and this time the nurse didn't splatter me with my own oil. We waited for the loveseat to arrive and watched a TiFaux recording of The Importance of Being Ernest, this was the recent film with Reese Witherspoon and Rupert Everett. It was good. Light and witty and fast, like a Wilde production should be done. The chair arrived just about when the film ended. That night we sa The Departed, a brilliant Scorsese picture that rattled Your Sis hard. But she loved the film. It's a tense experience. Also takes place in Boston, so you might be curious about the scenery.

Sunday, she worked on a float for the school homecoming, and I fiddled around the house. Bravo is showing "Six Feet Under," and I inadvertently got Your Sister hooked on it. I saw most of the show when I lived in South Carolina and got free HBO. That night we wtach the TiFauxed "The Day After," the seminal 1980s nuclear-war movie. It doesn't hold up so well, but at the time, it was a cultural phenom. It stars Jason Robards, and I'll happily watch anything he's in. I was off Monday and bought groceries and tried out the new shoes on the sidewalk. This was my first time running downtown and that centrally located hill is gonna kill me in the race. I caught up on some "Venture Brothers" and started inking Your Sis's drawing. The library had a book sale, and I snagged some cheap play scripts and checked out Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. An Asheville company's presenting it, and audtions are in November. I'm considering it, but it depends on whether I like the play.

I hit a milestone with Your Sister last night: I reached her threshold of X-Men geekiness. I showed her the newst comics, and she flipped through. I filled her in on the plot from previous issues, and she rolled her eyes a bit. Then I mentioned how the character interactions stretch back to when we were in middle school and threw out some details from the comic back then. Like Dazzler, the disco mutant. She couldn't take it. She got up from the table to pack her lunch for today. I've known her almost ten years, and this is the only time she had to shut off the nerd spigot.

Picture of the Day
The new loveseat. The cameraphone does it no justice. It's actually green. The cat behind it and to the right? Actually the size of a Buick.

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