Letters to Holly

Wednesday, October 11

Not Much

"Lost" was cool last night with a last scene that made me smile like a good little geek. I read while Your Sis watched "The Nine," and we both watched "Six Feet Under." She made a chili she wasn't happy with, but I wolfed down two bowls. Still need a costume idea for the race. Your brother called to plan the Thanksgiving get-together, but I don't have the details yet.

Picture of the Day
The magic shoes. Saucony Stabil Mc5s.

In The News
The Shuler/Taylor N.C. Senate race not only takes up about 40 percent of local primetime TV advertising, but it's devolved into pure mudflinging. Taylor's accusing Shuler of owing back taxes, while he himself owed the state for property taxes in this area. The elections can't get here soon enough for me. I'm tired of the signs and the ads. I'm saturated by it all.

+ + +

Andre 3000 is producing a show for Cartoon Network. He's providing a lot of material for it.

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