Letters to Holly

Monday, October 16

Second 5k

We watched the high-school homecoming Friday night but left before the third quarter ended. It was cold. We were tired.

I got up Saturday morning and ran another 5k. There was still frost on the ground, and the cold air made breathing tricky. I've got to get used to it before the midnight race at the end of the month. The big hill continues to kick my ass. The effects of the exercise are apparent. I've gone down a few belt notches, and my shoulders (of all things) are more developed.

We grabbed a late lunch at a local sports bar and killed time before heading to a wine tasting. The downtown culinary store hosts one of these every few months or so, and we're on the mailing list because we bought so much kitchen stuff there during the move. This time there were four distributors with their own table and labels. We liked the Vampire Merlot from Romania, and Your Sister dug the Gewurtztraminer. A college buddy of mine dropped into town during the event, and she hadn't been to a tasting before. We showed her the ropes and let her loose. We then hit the pub for a late and slightly buzzed dinner.

The next morning, we tried to eat at the college cafeteria, but it was Fall Break. We instead went to Huddle House, a close cousin of Waffle House. Minus the jukebox, unfortunately. She wanted to see Connastee Falls, and we took the very short trail to the official waterfall viewing area. Then we noticed a natural rock staircase off to the side and hidden by the trees. We shambled down it, left it, continued down the slope, and found ourselves at the middle of the falls. We then shimmied back up and only then discovered the sign forbidding us to use this path. But it wasn't for us, I'm sure. It was for drunken morons who try it at night. We then followed another trail until we noticed what appeared to be a faint path down the mountainside and next to the river. We carefully slid down the side (and we're talking about a 50-degree slope), locking our feet against roots and trees. We indeed found a fantastic spot next to the river at the foot of the falls. And then we struggled back up the mountain. It was a lively bout of inadvertent hiking. We got back to my house around noon, and she had to head back home, but not before dishing some gossip on my ex.

Your Sis and I got groceries and made dinner for Travis and Kathy who were making their return to our place for the first time since Anna Claire was born. Unfortunately, as I was putting away my clothes, I noticed that my closet rod anchor was falling out of the wall. Seems wood-and-metal hangers doubles the weight. I had to clear out the closet and rehang the pole with a screw anchor, a necessary item the previous owners didn't install. That took longer than it should have. I reassmbled the closet and started on the salad just as the pair and baby arrived. We had homemade spaghetti and Blitmore Sangiovese. It was a wonderful. We shot the shit for hours and polished off some blueberry wine made by a local teacher buddy. The baby was again a quiet companion, and the cats didn't bother her too much. Kathy borrowed the first season of "Lost" on DVD and watched the beginning of the third season as it aired this month. We had to straighten out some confusion that caused without giving away too much. Travis said he's still up for the 5k race.

I'm halfway through Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, a play that not only pummels you with its title throughout the script (I've counted six times the phrase is used so far), but features an harrowing two-person first act wherein the lead woman will not shut up about the crushing expectations of Southern gentility. The second act picked up well once the father and son start hashing it out, but that first act is enough to give me second thoughts on auditioning. Williams is an acquired taste but also a community theatre staple. One of my Odd Couple compadres was just in Cat within the last few months, and I'm sure he knocked that role right out of the park. I think I'd rather see him do it than try it myself. At the very least I should audition. Get my name out there.

Her Teams
New England (4-1), NY Jets (3-3), Oakland (0-5)
Philly (4-2), Detroit (1-5)

My Teams
Miami (1-5), Pittsburgh (2-3)
Philly (4-2), Carolina (4-2)

Picture of the Day
This is the view you get when you bypass posted danger signs.

In the News
Of course the most pressing concern after the Hawaii earthquake is that it not disturb the shooting schedule for "Lost."

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