Letters to Holly

Friday, October 20

Third 5k

There's something quite manly about running in the rain on a fall evening. I didn't plan to run that route; I left the house thinking I'd run another, shorter path. I had my little reflecting vest on, and I had left my glasses at home. But I got to the bottom of our street, and I decided I should stick to the sidewalks, and that took me on my regular run, and forty minutes later I was done. It felt good. The big hill is still a bitch to climb, but I didn't have to pause immediately afterward. I have to contact the Chamber of Commerce for the race details (what time we show up, the course, etc.). Your Sister got home about an hour later, and we ate pub food. If I run 3 miles, I deserve a fat burger. And right next to us sat Angry Dad. We had small talk with him and his wife about running. It went smoothly, and I was unnecessarily polite to him. I must put up Halloween decorations this weekend and get me a running costume.

Just got an email saying the local comic convention will serve as a publishing party for the Halloween comic I'm a part of. This is the day after the midnight race. It'll be murder waking up for it, but I gots ta go. I might even sign autographs or do sketches for the kiddies.

Picture of the Day
See how closely the 300 film follows the comic. You can view more side-by-side comparisons here.

In the News
There may be no worse time (or, if you will, no later a time) for the administration to admit Iraq is the current version of the Vietnam War. We've lost 70 troops this month alone. NPR analysts say the GOP admits the House is lost to them, but their Senate control can be retained if they keep two seats in Missouri, Tennessee, or Virginia.

+ + +

They're still finding 9/11 body parts in New York City.

+ + +

Ebert's review of the new Marie Antionette film is so well written, it almost makes me want to see it. But I won't. I didn't dig Lost in Translation, the previous film by Sophia Coppola. By the way, Ebert is back from a summer cancer surgery, and it's good to see he hasn't lost a step.

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