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Thursday, October 19

Run Management

I hit the treadmill Tuesday on a gym date with Your Sis. I have eight days til the race, and I'm not sure how to manage the exercise before then. I'd like to run 5k twice before next Friday, but I worry about burning myself out. I may run tonight and then run Sunday or Tuesday. I mowed the lawn last night at lightspeed to make it a form of exercise. Then I made stir-fry.

My Stir Fry Recipe
Two Chicken Breast Fillets cubed
One diced yellow or red pepper
A small can of pineapple chunks
Half a jar of hoisin sauce
Sprinkles of Mongolian Fire Oil
Dashes of Garlic Powder
Dashes of Szechuan Seasoning
Healthy squirts of Lime juice
freshly ground black pepper (I like a lot)

Put it all in a big Ziplock bag and in the fridge of about 20 hours. Stir fry it enough so the sauce reduces and the chicken cooks thoroughly. You're essentially boiling it. Put over rice and devour.

I still need a running costume.

We watched "Six Feet Under," "Lost," and "The Nine." OK, she watched "The Nine," and I read an article on mass elephant insanity.

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