Letters to Holly

Monday, October 23

We Got Movie Sign

Because it was very cold and Your Sis was tired, we did not go to the high school game but bought a pizza and rooted ourselves to the new loveseat. We watched House of Flying Daggers, one of about a dozen Chinese martial arts movies starring Ziyi Zhang. Everyone knows Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but my favorite so far is Hero. It's nonstop, eye-popping goodness. Oh, Daggers wasn't bad, but it couldn't live up to the Hero standard. And I'll happily watch Zhang for two hours.

Before I got home that night, I hopped into Wal-Mart to find a costume, and it was only when I strolled the toy section did it hit me. I found a toy replica of the WWE U.S. title belt, and I decided to put together as much of a wrestler costume as possible. I've got luchadore masks and wrestling t-shirts. I bought the belt and some athletic tape for my wrists. And that's really all I need. Costume finished. Now, I'm not sure I can run in that mask, but if it's cold enough, yeah, I think I will.

Saturday I finally saw the race route, and it's easier than what I've been running. In fact, right before I bought the new shoes, I ran 3/4 of the course. Look at the comparisons of the elevations.

The W in the top line shows where I turn around and go back up Jailhouse Hill. The only drawback to the race route is that the hill is closer to the end of the race than it is to the end of my regular run. When I run and hit that hill, I've still got a mile to go. In the race, we'll have half that. That means I have less time to settle back into my run and sail to the end. I worry about the traffic control because we'll be running during the first night of the weekend-long Halloween events. And of course the cold. We picked up most of some wine bought at the previous weekend's tasting and looked at stove wire for making candle holders for the front walk. Your Sis napped most of the day, and I worked on her drawing some more. That night we watched Dave Chappelle's Block Party, an energetic film that not only shows how easily Dave is funny, but also presents one helluva concert.

On Sunday, we put up Halloween decorations and bought pumpkins to carve later this week. I still have decorations given to me by the crazy ex-neighbor who emailed me a few months back about the divorce. We walked the older cat outside -- yep, on a leash -- for about a half hour. We hoped to have Kathy and Travis over for pie and coffee, but they had to cancel. Baby Stress. It happens. So the two of us instead watched Master and Commander and ate some pie. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies, and I'm still curious to hear the commentary. We've enjoyed the film itself so much we haven't gotten to the commentary yet.

I just returned the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof script to theatre. Holy ow, it's cold outside, and the wind is everywhere. Tonight I hope to run for the last outdoor 5k before Friday night. But this is gonna be a hard run tonight. This is gonna suck.

Picture of the Day
Here's what the belt looks like. It's actually a stylish belt plate, much different from traditional wrestling belts. It's a toy belt I bought, and it barely
fits me.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tonight! I'll be thinking of you, in your wrestling outfit, with your toy championship belt. Hopefully Heidi will take some pictures.

Gregory said...

It's going to be about 40 degrees when I run tonight. I'm not sure if I should run to prepare myself for that cold or avoid that cold and possible sickness.

Anonymous said...
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