Letters to Holly

Friday, October 27

I'm Almost Through Talking About Running

The race is tonight. I haven't run since Tuesday, and I only did light exercise Wednesday. Last night, I did nothing that could be described as exercise. I'll do some light work tonight, work up a sweat, and stretch an hour before the race. Travis and I will meet up not long beforehand, and I'll offer him a wrestling mask to wear. I bought more Velcro to adhere to the wrestling belt. It's meant for kids and barely fits on me. As if I didn't feel fat before all this started. I'm eager to end the day and get a'runnin'. I've anticipated this for two years. It's going to be wet tonight, raining all day and into the night, but not as cold as first forecast. I hope to have a heavy lunch today (work permitting) and snack the rest of the evening.

Picture of the Day
Art created with one sheet of paper. You can see more here.

In the News
An Australian Islamic cleric made a ruckus by suggesting that women who don't wear the veil bear responsibility for rape. Why is this news? Christian fundamentalists say the same thing. Christian radio host Dr. Albert Mohler (heard here daily) instructs brides to consider the male attendees of their wedding lest their dresses arouse lust. There's no difference.

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