Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 24

She's Sick Again

Your Sis should enter the Olympics for cold catching. She stayed in the sick bed last night after watching "Studio 60" (a standout episode) and finishing off pumpkin pie. My gym rearranged their equipment so I couldn't use the weights, and they reduced the number of treadmills. I ran about 3 miles there yesterday, but I was bookended by people who apparently missed the other available treadmills. I don't like the kind of clustering; it's a small neurosis.

Her Teams
New England (5-1), NY Jets (4-3), Oakland (1-5)
Philly (4-3), Detroit (1-6)

My Teams
Miami (1-6), Pittsburgh (2-4)
Philly (4-2), Carolina (4-3)
Carolina's losses to Minnesota and Cincinnati were caused by late turnovers. They should be 6-1. Miami is just horrible. Thoroughly, utterly bad. Pittsburgh can't get rolling, and their quarterback now has a concussion on top of his recovery from an offseason motorcycle wreck.

Picture of the Day
Now this is cool. This is what the shuttle launch looks like from the international space station.

In the (Geek) News
Lucas obviously cribbed material from Japanese filmmaker Kirosawa for Star Wars. Hunt down a film called Hidden Fortress and watch in shock. But a French site is now comparing Star Wars to mid-'70s European comics. The similarities are startling.

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