Letters to Holly

Tuesday, November 14

Called Back

I made the first round of auditions as I was asked to come back tomorrow night to read again. No idea which part I'm in the running for. But, as with Sunday, I may know the play better than the other hopefuls. That could give me an edge. Either way, I made my first call back. And that's worth at least a touchdown dance.

Her Teams
New England (6-3), NY Jets (5-4), Oakland (2-7)
Philly (5-4), Detroit (2-7)

My Teams
Miami (3-6), Pittsburgh (3-6)
Philly (5-4), Carolina (5-4)

Picture of the Day
The first extraterrestrial hurricane was captured by the Cassini probe at Saturn's south pole. The storm is 5,000 miles across.


Anonymous said...

yeah, you!

best of luck with the call back.

I got talked into doing a 5k last saturday. Having not run consistently since college, and having done just yoga, pilates, ab workouts and the elliptical machine for 20 minute intervals, I was shocked to not only have run the whole thing, but to have finished in a little over 30 minutes. I'm betting it was a short course.

Gregory said...

Sounds like we ran at the same time.

And I trained hard for it. Curse your youth!