Letters to Holly

Wednesday, November 15

Six Hours 'Til Callback

Of course, I'm nervous.

There's two roles I'm aiming for: Brick and Gooper

Me as Brick
Pros: I can act. I look fairly young. I'm in fairly good shape.
Cons: They don't know me. I'm a little old to play Brick. I'm not in former pro-QB shape.

Me as Gooper
Pros: I can act. I have no problem playing a dick. I'm about the right age.
Cons: They don't know me. They might prefer him to be a wimp. I'm maybe a bit young to play a father of five.

I'll hang around town tonight, read the script again at supper, and go to the theatre at 6:30. I wore a shirt that shows off my shoulders, and I'm trimmed the facial hair back a bit.

All I can do, I suppose.

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