Letters to Holly

Tuesday, November 21


Some of Your Sister's coworkers joined us at Jack of the Wood for trivia night. Among them was the school's art teacher who asked me to talk to two of his students about cartooning. They draw comics and seem to want to pursue that as a career, but he's not sure how to advise them. I said I'd be tickled to talk to them. I can show them a range of comic styles and art options available to them f they decide to go that route. This was sparked by a book I picked up before we all met at the bar. It's Jeff Smith's Bone, a series published recently in one volume. It's huge. The page numbers stop at 1,32something. The trivia gang couldn't believe it was all one story.

We didn't do so hot at the trivia, but there was one round devoted to Harrison Ford movies, and we owned it. Utter domination. The rest, not so much. We found ourselves against a team we were beaten by when we last played trivia at Mellow Mushroom a few months back. So there are trivia pros lurking about town, and we must drive them off with torches and pitchforks. or hit them with our giant Bone comic books. Jack of the Wood does have good burgers and pumpkin cheesecake. Oddly enough, as I walked to the bar last night, I passed a series of open but empty establishments like Tupelo Honey Cafe and College Street Bar and Grill. There was no one strolling the streets of Asheville yet Jack of the Wood was packed as packed could be.

Picture of the Day
Amazon's depiction of said book. Yeah, it's about that thick.

In the News
The U.N. says almost 40 million people worldwide have HIV.

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