Letters to Holly

Monday, November 20

Weekend Notes

It was a mild weekend here in Mayberry.

We ate at Jason's Main Street Grill, the restaurant that catered the wedding, before heading home for TV couch time. Your Sis is in deep, deep love with "Six Feet Under." We made chocolate chip cookies from a large freezer tub of dough.

On Saturday, I ran about two miles outside before grabbing Mexican lunch and heading off with Kathy and Travis to watch the OSU/Michigan game. we again met the local OSU alum group at a local bar to chant and eat. This was Christmas and Thanksgiving for them as OSU played their hated rivals for the right to play in the national championship game. It was a good game, but the two of them were nervous in the second half as Michigan kept it competitive. But because the bowl ratings system is so screwed up, it's possible these teams will play each other again for the outright title. i took the library's copy of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof back to its home and surprisingly felt a little sad to see it go.

Sunday saw us proof rough drafts of research papers. As per my suggestion, her regular class is no longer writing about persecuted people but Nobel Peace Prize winners. We started watching the post-World Series "House" episodes, caught the newest "Simpsons," and watched a bit of VH1's"Top 100 80's Songs" which I'll write about later. Your Sis was oddly desperate for buffalo wings, so we baked up a batch and ate them throughout the evening. We won't have them tonight as we're heading out to a trivia night at a local bar. My rehearsals start next Monday so last Monday may have been my last wings and rasslin' night for a few months.

My parents will not be able to go to Alabama fot Turkey Day, and we'll try to catch up with them next weekend. It was snowing like crazy as I dove into work, but it didn't stick and seems to have stopped now.

Her Teams
New England (7-3), NY Jets (5-5), Oakland (2-8)
Philly (5-5), Detroit (2-8)

My Teams
Miami (4-6), Pittsburgh (4-6)
Philly (5-5), Carolina (6-4)

Philly lost its all-pro QB this week, and Carolina's 6-4 record is good enough to put them near the top of their rickety conference. Miami and Pittsburgh seem to be rallying their way into potential playoff runs.

Picture of the Day
The new poster. I love the film version of Voldemort. I wouldn't have cast Ralph Fiennes based on the book version of the character, but he does a great job.

In the News
The Congress and White House continue to settle down after the elections. The GOP Congress decided that the elections were a protest vote on the administration's policies and retained its recent Senate and House leadership, eschewing the chance to freshen up its hierarchy. McCain is the most prominent GOP presidential candidate-to-be, and he's the only one from the GOP Congress with the chance of a substantial campaign. But he's swinging hard to the right by saying Roe v. Wade should be overturned and courting Falwell's audience.

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