Letters to Holly

Monday, December 4

Christmas Rasslin'

A late pub dinner on Friday prepared us for a Saturday of movement. Your Sis called me Friday ngith as I left work to say the work shed was standing wide open and a window was busted. I told her to take pictures of it and send them to my cellphone before we call the police. Then I called her back to ask her if the house looked OK. It did, and she added details of the shed that made it clear that it has nod been broken into. The lock had rusted off the door, causing it to swing open, and it was a flower box below a window that broke. I picked up a new staple and hasp (the technical terms for the door lock components Saturday morning. We had a quick lunch and hit Asheville for shopping.

Asheville has a new used bookstore that is loaded with good title for about $1. I filled my arms with goodies and even picked up -- oh my stars and garters -- a PS2 game that recreates 60 Intellivision games. This was the system I grew up with, my first video game console. And it was $6. After that shock, we drove to Asheville Mall, which wasn't as bad as you might think for the first weekend in December. I found some items for my parents and one for my college buddy, Mark. Your Sis found a booth selling German roasted pecans, a discovering rivaling my Intellivision game. She was aglow over this. And she immediately scheming her schemy schemes for how to hook you up with it. She dropped me off in front of the Civi c Center for a rasslin show, and I met up with Kathy and Travis there.

The Civic Center's auditorium is a lovely warm venue for concerts. We saw Tom Waits there. But the arena below is a dilapidated relic. The rows aren't labeled. The seats aren't numbered. There's one concession stand. It was chaos. The show itself was pretty good as a number of the WWE Monday roster hit the ring. Kathy and Travis dug it a lot, and Travis demanded we get ringside seats next time. I think he wants to harass the bad guys personally.

On Sunday, we had more pub food; that place is becoming our favorite hangout despite our original love for Mexican. Groceries were bought, papers were graded. I fixed the shed door in a most manly manner. Yes, I'm an English major who reads comics and does plays, but power tools just make me all warm and deep-voiced. Your Sis is now making arrangements with Your Mom for the Christmas visit in a few weeks. A few weeks!

Picture of the Day
Rasslin and nachos. Mmmm-MM!

In The News
CBS reports that our U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has quit. John Bolton was packaged as a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners hard-ass who was gonna clean up corruption in the agency. And now he's gone. He was never formally approved for the position as Bush gave him an appointment while Congress was in recess, and it was widely believed he had no chance of going back to the U.N. now that the Dems took over both Houses.

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