Letters to Holly

Friday, December 8

Reason #7,412 Why Your Sister Rocks

She bought two small pizzas, wrapped them in foil, and sneaked them into Casino Royale last night. Her return from Africa has made her a bona fide smuggler. We saw the movie with Kathy who was desperate to get out of her newly-infested-with-baby house.. It was her first time and our second. They giggled like schoolgirls over Daniel Craig the whole time. The film holds up on second viewing, and its quality in direction shines.

I slept in the Sick Bed last night as I fear the Gooper children brought a bug to the rehearsals. I'm feeling weird in the head.

Picture of the Day
New pictures from the third Pirates movie are leaking online. This came from a Russian site. Apparently the gang heads toward China.

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