Letters to Holly

Wednesday, January 31

Bad Business

Some of the laminated cards are coming apart again. I could call the company to complain, but they already have my money, and I won't accept their offer to redo the cards. They don't deserve a third try to get it right. A member of one of my message boards works at a local office supply store and informed me they can provide me decent laminated cards quickly, and they're right down the street, conveniently enough. So I'll call him at work today and order a batch to replace the failed cards.

That first company is an offshoot of a printer we use at work, and I'm going to suggest we --

Hold on, I got my dander up explaining this. I just called the parent company to complain. I called them on the cell phone and talked to a project manager who works with us. I told him that I was calling as me and not a representative of our office. I explained what happened, told him where I was taking the cards today, and suggested they look at the lamination process. He was good about it, and he wants to see the bad cards so they can determine what went wrong. No hard feelings with the parent company at all. But I'm still going to OfficeMax to get new cards, and it might all be done before I head back home today.

I'd also like to take this moment to register my astonishment over magnetic tape. This -- I just -- MAGNETIC TAPE.

Picture of the Day
This is so foul and alien as to be strangely alluring.


Anonymous said...

Is that your hand? Are you at....Poppies?

Gregory said...

No,no. I found the picture via another blog, that of Warren Ellis, comic book writer and cynical futurist.