Letters to Holly

Friday, February 2

Snow Day

A forecast of heavy winter stuff all across our section of the state ended with a whimper Thursday. While Mayberry got a nice heaping of snow, Asheville didn't. I go to stay home with Your Sister anyhow. We had Mexcian lunch and a snowball fight after a quick trip to the school to attend to her classroom. Then she slept. And you are shocked.

I fiddled around in my workshop for a bit before he hunkered down on the couch to watch TiFaux material, including Jeffrey, the adaptation of Paul Rudnick's early-90s play about a gay man terrified of dealing with AIDS. It's got a great cast, filled with Hey-I-Know-Those-Guys. Then we finally saw the Scientology episode of "South Park." Your Sis is slowly being converted to this show.

As the play wraps up this weekend, I'll tackle some back-burner events like going to the gym again and working on mini-comics and the big painting. But Sunday night is for the Super Bowl, which I'll TiFaux and watch in toto.

Picture of the Day
I want this shirt.

In The News
The Aqua Teen Hunger Bombs is a pretty big story in my online communities. You've heard far more about it than I have, I'm sure, but the consensus among the level-headed geeks is that the sign-placers should have gotten permits, and the larger company should have expected a reaction like that of Boston, but the Boston authorities are playing the indignant "national security" card to cover their zealous paranoia. Granted, Boston is the home to Logan Airport, and if any location has a right to be a bit jumpy, it's Logan. But this didn't happen at Logan. In fact, it happened all over the country, and Boston is the only place to call in the bomb quad for the equivalent of Lite-Brites. The lesson: Everyone was a little stupid here.

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