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Monday, January 22

Day Twenty-Eight: The Show You Saw

I bought a new eyeliner pencil at CVS for $8. EIGHT BUCKS. I thought art supplies were expensive.

Two kids are out sick today, the youngest boy and the oldest girl. Without a sidekick to impress, the talky boy is eerily quiet. Maybe he's feeling ill too. He does have a nasty croupy cough today. The kids have practiced exchanging lines, and after a few practice drills in the green room, they're ready to replace the missing. The assistant stage manger orders us to wash our hands religiously today to keep us from catching the kid bug. Big Daddy even refuses to hug the girls, despite their cute smiles and wide arm spans.

The doctor can't figure out what happend last night, but I assure him we got it covered. We're told about half an hour after we report for duty that we can't use the regular parking space shared by the Thomas Wolfe House. Something about an agreement. But it's freezing cold outside, and no tourists are milling about for those parking spaces. I think it's silly, and I haven't dismissed the notion that one of those employees took my plate.

The crowd is the usual, older Sunday gang, and they're sedate throughout but they do applaud the set. They're too polite to really dig into the play; they chuckle instead of guffaw but feel attentive.

I discover that the recent stage-left staff changes are due to the lead assistant's obligation to present a speech to an intern program last night. She coached her replacement on Friday, and that person worked with an assitant Saturday, hence the phone-call timing shifts. But the initial assistant is back today, and everything runs smoothly. The reverend misses a line in Act III, but it doesn't affect my cue, and only we two realize it.

After the show, we take photos. Almost 30 shots are listed on the hand-out, and we start quickly. But right before, we sing happy birthday to the assistant managers on either side of the stage. It happens to their birthdays today. Cake is available but only after our photos. I count four people with cameras: one with a wide lens in the auditorium and three roving photographers. The hand-out tells us what scene the theatre wants a photo of, and we're instructed to act out a minute's worth until we're told to freeze. We do, and the photographers move about to get their pictures. After a show (and a week of shows), this is more tiring than you'd think. I only have to do about ten photos, and I'm ready to quit after three. It seems to take a long time to finish up each shot, and I get a little light-headed. Soon enough, I'm gone, and out the door. The stage manager tells us we're to meet up again Thursday to run lines, and that sounds years away from now.

I run down to the local pizzeria to meet y'all for dinner. It's a good end to the week, a good end to a lot of work. So much so that I can't imagine volunteering for another show when Your Dad asks when they can see me onstage again (not counting the next 2 weekends). That's something to worry about later. For now, I want to enjoy being away from the show, and I'll go back to it fresh after time away.

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I also had the Pats-Colts game on TiFaux, and we missed none of it. Well, I didn't. Your Sis hit the bed around the second quarter, but in her defense, the game appeared over with New England up 21-3. But then Indianapolis went to town with passing plays and took the lead with one minute left with a run. An interception 30 second later sealed it, and Payton Manning goes to the Super Bowl to face Da Bears. This should be a very good game.

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