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Tuesday, February 27

Bachelor Eve

Your Sis spent all of her awake time after work preparing for her work trip. One of the things we came up with for her classroom was a assigned paper where students write about historic events mentioned in their favorite songs. It's a gimme grade. Using block quotes on the lyrics stretches out the paper length and they can write about something they like. Instead, they've leaped beyond our convenience and decided to mail it in by writing about the Star-Spangled Banner and folk songs from the 1800s. We were thinking REM or Rage Against the Machine or Alan Jackson or Outkast or "American Pie." We even cited such examples. But they've taken the least fun route, and now we'll all have to slog through shanties and hymns. They're morons.

She left this morning and returns late Wednesday. She's also away this weekend. So I could spend my private time on the comic, but with my far-off deadline, It think I'll do very little productive work and slob it out. I even have a poker game scheduled on Saturday with Big Mama from the play.

Remember how the Valentine's ring was supposed to be in yesterday? Apparently the store didn't. Monkeyfuckers.

Picture of the Day

In the News
Cheney's trip abroad is not going well. Air Force 2 left Australia with some mechanical concern, and he survived what's being called a suicide-bomber attempt on his life. His trip's schedule include a surprise visit to Pakistan, and rumor has it that he's staying out of the country because the Libby trial jury is probably going to find against his former chief of staff. The jury lost a member yesterday after some alleged media exposure to the case, and it may have have been a former writer for the Washington Post.

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