Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 6

"Guys, Where Are We?"

Your Sis made a handsome sausage spaghetti dish last night, and we cracked open some imported Vampire merlot. We started our long slog through "Six Feet Under" episodes and tonight -- oh, tonight -- "Lost" is back. It's on now at 10, the third time slot ABC has given it for Wednesdays.

I'm playing with Blogger's upgrades, mainly the ability to post a header image. This is something I will play with quite a bit. The archives and links look a tad different, but no content has changed. In fact I may add a fleet of links along the bottom right corner. There's also the ability to add labels to the bottom of each post which then provide indexing according to category. Most people who do this make smart-ass labels, which is of course why I added it to the blog.

I'm making two mix CDs this weekend, one for Your Sis and the other for Travis, who's enjoying a birthday next week.

Moving Picture of the Day

A new Beatles musical of which I just learned, made by the director of The Lion King stage show and the film Titus. The musical numbers look good, but the story looks oh-so corny.

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