Letters to Holly

Friday, February 9

A Quiet Night

Your Sis overdosed on chocolate and went to bed about a half hour after I got home. I had hoped to take her out for dinner so I could tell her about the new comic, but that will have to wait for sometime this weekend. While she was in her coma, I stayed in the workshop to finish Travis's CD (see below) and start research on that comic story. I have an idea that can easily fill the three allotted pages, and now I just need a deadline.

The blog labels aren't showing up on the posts although the blog database is cataloging them. I also can't get the archives to use the date format I prefer. Still, the blog offers what I most require for now.

Picture of the Day
The Travis mash-up CD. The pic is a desktop image I found online.

1. Killing in the Boom - Shaggy/Rage Against The Machine
2. Dirty Girl - Christine Aquilera/Redman/Jet
3. When God Breaks - Led Zeppelin/Johnny Cash
4. Only Boogie - Nine Inch Nails/Kool and the Gang
5. Superstitious Jolene - Dolly Parton/Stevie Wonder
6. They Might Be Starting - They Might Giants/Will Smith/Pink
7. Sweet Country Grammar Nelly/Lynyrd Skynyrd
8. Put On The Super Freak - Police/Rick James
9. Black Sabotage - Led Zeppelin/Beastie Boys
10. Take Me Without - Franz Ferdinand/Eminem
11. The Tide Is Not Unusual - Blondie/Tom Jones
12. Big Time Dare - Gorillaz/Peter Gabriel
13. Free ADIDAS - Tom Petty/Run DMC
14. Crazy Logic - Supertramp/Gnarls Barkley
15. Surf Wax Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z/Weezer
16. Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash/Wu-Tang Clan
17. Regulate the Dust - Warren G/Kansas
18. Rush Where It's At - Big Audio Dynamite/Beck/Green Day
19. Always With You - Willie Nelson/U2/MARRS

In The News
Let's be clear on Anna Nicole: She was an air-headed, drug-addled, attention-needy strumpet. I've seen comparisons in the last 24 hours to Marilyn fucking Monroe, and that analogy works only in the most shallow of ways (blonde, centerfold, dead). She's not a sad poster girl for desperate dieting, a Little Girl Lost in the depravity of Hollywood, nor a symbol of our consumer times. She's a third-generation Xerox of Pamela Anderson, and that's it.

+ + +

The new Secretary of Defense claims weapons in Iraq are coming from Iran. What can't be proven is that the material is from the government of Iran, just that they may be are Iranian in origin. The movement for attacking Iran is not new, but the debacle of altered evidence against Iraq has to minimize that anti-Iranian effort. Right?

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