Letters to Holly

Friday, March 30

Another Race to Run

Mayberry will hold another 5k race on July 4, and I was sent a package asking for registration. It's a few weeks before the Orlando trip, and I want to get back into the regular running. So, I'm doing it. I now have a definite goal for my exercise. I have almost four months to prepare. This is muy feasible.

Fried up some chicken last night, and we found ourselves, somehow watching a ballroom dancing competition on PBS. It's just like figure skating without the ice. The dancing has little to nothing to do with the music. It was apparently filmed at a convention. A short segment allowed us to watch a guest commentator shop at various booths set up in what appeared to be a hotel floor, and all the vendors were hawking clothing and accessories.

I have a question for you: One of my printer guys has a daughter or niece who's thinking of the Peace Corps. He wants inside info. He wonders if he can get your email address so you can talk to him/her about it. Barring that, he thinks I can give enough dirt to satisfy them. I don't know about that, but I'm willing to try. She's not out of high school yet, so she has some time to mull it over or grow out of it.

Picture of the Day
I know nothing about it, but I found it yesterday.

In the News
It's quite despicable to suggest that Press Secretary Tony Snow timed his cancer surgery and chemo so he could miss out on the media attention on various administration headaches, but, man, did he excuse himself at a good time. Interim secretary Dana Perino has her hands full learning the job amid all these swirling questions on Iraq, Gonzales, Iran, Congress, and the usual crazy questions coming from the back of the press room. But she seems like she's doing a good job. I like her attitude and willingness to concede a "fair point" made by reporters when citing inconsistencies. Snow's going to be gone awhile, and she might talk her way into a full-time gig. By the way, this would be my dream job regardless of who was the president.

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