Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 29

Running for the Border (Eats)

I took a day off from exercise Tuesday and made up for it by running last night. I was worried again about my rib cage flaring up on me, but instead my legs started to ache. That never happens when I run. I even stretched out for a decent time beforehand. Anyway, I got a mile run, before I walked for about a hundred yards and ran another half mile. This put me right at downtown Mayberry. Then I walked back home. Well, I walked toward home but saw Your Sister leaving the school, and I hopped in the car with her. She drove us back downtown for a Mexican dinner. I don't know if eating Mexican ruins the benefits of a run, but I was hungry and the food is always good.

Picture of the Day
The U.S. cover to the last Harry Potter book. The book is scheduled for release the same weekend I'm in Orlando for a wedding.

In the News
Because Congress has subpoenaed emails sent throughout the administration, White House employees have started using a different email server, a private server not covered by public access regulations and also possibly exposed to industrious hacking.

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