Letters to Holly

Friday, March 16

Pork, Picks, Play

We had dinner at the local barbecue place, a pleasant eatery we always forget about unless we walk past it. We strolled the neighborhood earlier this week, noticed it, and made mental notes to try it again. We went last night and found ourselves the only people there, maybe the only customers they had all night. The food was good though. I don't think we have any plans for St. Patrick's Day, and that's OK with me. There's things that need doing around the house.

Despite paying little attention to the season, I made out a March Madness bracket. Out of sixteen picks, I got one wrong, choosing Davidson over Maryland. I wouldn't be this successful if I was a bigger sports fan.

Haven't heard back from the Montford people yet, and I'm not terribly surprised. They probably won't contact me until within a few weeks of the show, and I may not be available then.

Moving Pictures of the Day
You can see previews of This American Life's new Showtime series here. The pet bull story raises a question of how they shot footage for an item they covered almost three years ago. Did they go back and re-interview the involved parties? Are they airing unrelated new footage over their original audio?

In The News
The new to-do over the administration prosecutor scandal percolates because new emails show the White House was involved in the organization and employment of federal prosecutors despite sworn testimony to the contrary. Also, there's new questions about the administration destroying documents that would have been used as evidence in investigations into lobbying connections.

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