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Sunday, March 18

St. Patty's Weekend

We ordered pizza on Friday and vegged in front of the TV. It was a stressful week for both of us. Her classroom roof leaked and almost ruined a bookshelf full of novels. We went to target Saturday and bought a new shelf while those books dried out. We had one drink each at the pub during dinner and enjoyed various libations while we watched some TV. I cleaned by workshop earlier in the day, a chore always necessary when the comic inking is finished. I also had three months' worth of comics to file away.

I got an email from the director of the play, and he said I was the wrong age for the production. Too young for the leads, and too old for the authorities figures. Part of me wants to quibble; I'm sure our Romeo isn't 14 years old. But he at least said I'd have a better chance trying out for Much Ado. And I'm leaning toward that heavily. Also, the Romeo filler roles would require only Sunday rehearsals, which I can do easily. I might even get a line or two and a sword to carry. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm running a March madness bracket on the NY Times website. Of the now set Sweet Sixteen, I picked ten correctly. I'm currently third against Times' 21 sports reporters bracket tournament. I had Winthrop and Villanova going to the Elite Eight.

Kathy and Travis came by last night for supper. She made some divine stuffed peppers and we watched some of the basketball, followed by "60 Minutes" and "Family Guy." Your Sis saw ads for an Axis of Evil comedy special where four comedians of Middle Eastern descent do stand-up. We all watched that last night, and it was good stuff. I don't think any of the comedians could necessarily work a special alone, but together -- talking about a post-9/11 world to audience of fellow descendants -- they killed.

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