Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 21

Spring Has Sprung

My car is back at the shop. It's losing power, and the engine tends to stop if the car is cranked after a long sit. I do not enjoy my car's absence nor do I enjoy depriving My Sick Wife of her car. It's possible she got something from the baby Sunday night.

I saw my first R2D2 mailbox this morning, right at the obelisk in downtown Asheville.

Picture of the Day
The comic is almost finished. I've let it sit for a few days and am about to read it over and adjust the script if need be. I'm maybe an hour away from wrapping it up. I talked to the publisher, and he asked that I edit some fine art panels to make them more kid-friendly. This is what I gave him, and he OKed it.

In the News
Bush offered what he repeatedly called a "reasonable proposal" for his administration representatives to appear before Congress concerning the prosecutor scandal. But he wants his advisers to speak off the public record and without swearing in. He says doing otherwise compromises future advisers from speaking freely to the president. But it allows them to say anything they want to Congress without legal recourse or media scrutiny. He made clear he's daring Congress to seek oaths and public hearings and claimed he'll go to court to preserve this adviser secrecy. Again, the cover-up overshadows the initial event. Gonzales seems to have given false testimony before Congress earlier when this scandal began, testimony that now directly involves Karl Rove and other advisers. The crux of the matter is this: Did the administration fire prosecutors who were sniffing around its political allies?

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