Letters to Holly

Friday, March 23

Out to Pasture

The dealership let me know they are hesitant to make another round of speculative repairs on the car and advise me to get a new one. I wasn't thrilled to hear that, and I remember they said the same thing to me when I took in my original car in 2004. It will cost $500 just to get my still-broken car back from them, but the next round of repairs would double the bill. And after talking to Your Sister, it was decided that we'll get a new one. Just not a Ford. We've done tons of research already, and now we're at the budgeting and test-driving stage.

I don't have as much of an attachment to this car as I did to the previous one. This one was a hand-me-down from my parents, and the previous car was the first car I bought new off the lot. That one was repaired (at a hefty price) and handed over to charity once I got the parents' old car. We both had Ford Contours. Apparently they all reach the age of ten and automatically disassemble themselves. We can still use the car to tool around town, but I don't trust it to get me to work and back.

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Lenin's got game.

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