Letters to Holly

Thursday, April 12

Small Stuff and Death

I ran a soil test yesterday, and I'll spare you the nit and grit to say that we have passable food-growing dirt. Chicken alfredo was made and devoured and "Lost" was watched and beloved. We checked the regional inventory of the Matrix that we want to buy, and only two popped up. We may have to pick another color, but I believe we're going tomorrow morning to put in the order. None of the cars on the lot were what we prefer, but we might be tempted to buy one if we get a good offer.

The rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet start Saturday, and the auditions for Much Ado are next weekend. I want to do the latter much more now that I'm relegated to spear-carrier for the former. I'll read the play starting tonight, and get ready to have a more successful try-out. Maybe I can move out of R&J to do Ado.

Picture In The News
Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday. His works have stuck with me, including a short story from our seventh grade lit book. I remember reading Slaughterhouse Five on an airplane, and that must have been while I was flying to Michigan so often in college. As I mentioned a while back, he had a great cameo in Back to School.

His legacy is one of fierce cynicism, and he may be the closest thing to Mark Twain that the science-fiction genre could boast. His material was fundamental in reshaping literature after World War II, along with the Beats and the Northeasterners (Mailer, Caopte, etc.)

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