Letters to Holly

Wednesday, April 11


Tuesday was the big day for Your Sis. After a little under two years of care and delicate pruning, she decided to cut her hair for a cancer charity. I went with her to take scrapbook photos of the process. She didn't show anxiety, but her many thank-yous for support afterward revealed she was feeling it. I think she likes it a lot. I know I do. She's on Spring Break and made a nice stir-fry dish and apple pie for dinner. I could get used to this.

I got home and worked over the tilled garden. We have a number of roots from various weed shrubs, and I spent at least an hour raking the garden and digging out the weed roots. I also gathered dirt for a Ph test. I don't think we're too far from putting something in the ground, be it seeds or fertilizer.

We tried out a new wine with dinner, and after emptying the bottle, the evening drew to a quick close.

Picture of the Day

In The News
Don Imus is an idiot. The scandal has nothing to do with free speech or racial sensitivity. He insulted a successful women's basketball team. This is a matter of chivalry. You don't knock college women for succeeding in their sport. Someone as old as he should know better. Unfortunately, morning radio shows seems to exist to create controversy/free publicity with stupid humor and pranks. We're not a year removed from the death of the West Coast woman who wanted to win a Nintendo Wii from a radio station. The local shows here are unbearable, and thankfully, one station (one!) has no morning show and plays music I can handle.

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