Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 13

The Day After

Your Sister sounded remarkably alert for someone running on fumes. She did nod off while at the dentist and as I rubbed her back before dinner. We had a fancy-schmancy dinner with teacher buddies, and the conversation did steer clear of school matters. We ate a great mix of food and shared bites of everything. We then showed them the new car and let them drive it around the block. They like it a lot, but the car payments worry them. Once we said good night and went home, Your Sis crashed hard. She was lightly snoring within a minute.

I checked out some CDs from the library in hopes of making a new mix CD for Your Sis while she's away.

Virgin Suicides soundtrack - Air
You asked me about Air when you were in Snazzyland, so I gave this a try. It's good. It sounds a lot like OK Computer mixed with the Alan Parsons Project.

The Best of Gladys Knight and the Pips
Gladys is in my top three female singers list with Annie Lennox and Barbara Streisand. But this is a mostly mid'1970s material, and the low-key, smooth R&B production is all the same. It does feature three live tracks that showcase the group's performing energy, and it's as if an LP were bumped from 33 RPM to 45. She sang the National Anthem at the Atlanta Olympics Opening Ceremony in a moment that made me grin like a child.

Sam Cooke Live
A great singer with an unfortunately small set. Sounds like about 30 people are in attendance at the Harlem Square Club, and that makes for a quieter experience that I was hoping for.

I don't think there's anything here she'd want to listen to.

Picture of the Day
The convention starts officially tomorrow, and, while it does compete with another con in Philadelphia, it will be the biggest show this month. I am jazzed, but accepting of the fact that what I have on display is not my best work. The next minicomics will be stronger. I now have 200 biz cards to take to the convention. I printed them at home to save money.

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