Letters to Holly

Tuesday, June 12

Papers Down, Blood Pressure Up

The research papers are fini. Over. Closed for the summer. Your Sis wrapped them up with a marathon session on the couch. The end of classes means there's now a small window to get everything done before she leaves for the AP conference, and she is rattled. And angry. Much has been dropped in her lap with no advance notice from the bosses. Anxiety and stress are normal for this time of year, but she's in a new situation and has no callouses for these new grinds. It will get done. It always gets done. But she will need a temporary collapse sometime this week just to reboot. A planned dinner with another teacher couple may be just the thing. We're not sure if we're hosting them for a cookout or going to a local eatery. Either way, it will be cathartic if, and only if, I can get the other three to stop talking shop. Maybe I can thrill them with talk about the upcoming convention.

That's in just five days, by the way. I have to print out my business cards and buy some supplies. I don't have confirmation that I'll have any time at the booth potentially sketching for people. but I want to be prepared.

I may have sprained half my foot, and I'm switching to floor exercise before running again.


Anonymous said...

what? sprained half your foot? egads, how did that happen?

Gregory said...

Too much air guitar. I was hopping around barefoot on a thinly-padded concrete floor. This is the peril of flat feet; sprains happen near the arch.