Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 17

Kempas and Leia Are Leashed

I found Kempas chained but stuck behind her house. I rescued her right after she peed on the chain in what I assume is an accidental statement of her confinement. I added the new length of chain and tied her to the fence running along the back of the yard. She can still get in her house and get her food, but she can't reach the plywood or the wooden fence.

It appears the weekend petsitter only took care of them on Saturday. Kempas had almost no food, and she never eats that much when Your Parents are away. The cats also had no food, and their litter boxes were piled with remnants. I can tell she was there at least one day because she used a pill cutter for the dog drugs. I'm not tempted to take care of the pets during the weekend, but I wonder what the effect of missing one day's drug treatment will do to Kempas.

Regular night otherwise. We had wings and fries but abandoned wrestling for the commentary track on Return of the Jedi. I clearly remember how affected all we young male fans were by the metal bikini. But watching last night, I realized that it's not only quaint but wildly incongruous to the entire franchise. It doesn't belong. I didn't notice until Fisher said it, but Leia says almost nothing while she's wearing the thing. And that kills the original charm of the character: She was a smartass tomboy, and as soon as the writers steer her toward sisterhood/romantic interest, she becomes another boring film heroine while the boys fight the larger battles. Shame. In addition, because Lucas had no idea how to yet present a young jedi, Luke has all the appeal of a mop. He has one moment of life: when R2 shoots him the lightsaber on the Jabba skiff, Luke catches it, ignites, it and his eyes come alive, like he just found his favorite toy. Otherwise, Luke is a dud. If there were no Han or effects, this film would be unbearable.

Picture of the Day
Never know what you'll find in the grocery store. To be fair, the package says it's fake animal placenta. A placebo-enta?

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