Letters to Holly

Tuesday, September 11

Six Years

Reflecting on 9/11 also sparks recognition of what's changed personally. Since that day, the following has happened to me:

+ Lost a wife
+ Reconnected to, wooed, and married Your Sister
+ Reconnected to my parents
+ Held two jobs (technically, my first full day at the weekly paper was 9/11)
+ Moved back to my first college town
+ Bought a house
+ Inherited two cats
+ Inherited a new family
+ Started running
+ Created a handful of short comic stories
+ Worked in a half-dozen theatre shows
+ Visited Boston twice and Washington, DC once
+ Grew potatoes
+ Married off my high-school friends

A lot.

Distracting NFL Babble
I officially lost my first week of Fantasy Football League action. Our league is set up so players' drafted rosters compete against each other for statistical supremacy. My team was outdone 89.8 to 78.35. Tom Brady's passing skill saved my ass, but my running backs didn't gain enough yardage to eek out a win for me. Also, the Saints sputtered against the Colts. I was close. I don't regret my picks this early in the season, and the stats make me pay attention to more games each weekend. It's anxious fun.

Picture of the Day
Doll's eyes.

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