Letters to Holly

Monday, September 10

You Killed My Fantasy Team. Prepare to Die.

How long can a cold last anyway? Your Sis is out of the sick bed but feeling utterly raggedy. She went to bed without supper Friday night and left me to my own geeky devices.

I woke up early Saturday and worked on the garden. I hacked down or pulled up the biggest weeds. We still have a pile of sticks where the blackberry bush used to be, and I'm looking into shredding them in a wood chipper to make mulch. She took an afternoon nap before we drove down to Greenville to see Mandy Patinkin.

That man is a showman. Two solid hours of him performing, not simply singing. Just him and the piano player. He has the stamina of someone with lots of stamina. It's exhausting just to watch him.

He performed on a bare stage with his piano player facing the back of the theatre. He wore a headset plugged in with a hundred-foot wire and used some props through the show.

Among his songs:
It's Not Easy Being Green
Send in the Clowns
Broadway Baby
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Dixie Medley
Bring Him Home
You Must Be Carefully taught
The Hokey Pokey, God Bless America, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame
in yiddish
Pennies From Heaven

As he took his bow, he said "let me leave you with these words," and his made the Inigo stance and said "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Crowd went nuts.

We hit my old, favorite head shop to buy incense by the metric ton, and I was momentarily dazzled by a men's belt decorated with the New York subway map. We drove back home at night with the moonroof open and the stars escorting us home.

And I spent Sunday being a Sports Schlub. I watched a TiFauxed broadcast of ultimate fighting (my new interest), followed by almost 12 hours of glorious football.

The NFL Contest
NFC: New Orleans (0-1), St. Louis (0-1)
AFC: Indianapolis (1-0), New England (1-0)

NFC: New Orleans (0-1), Carolina (1-0)
AFC: New England (1-0), San Diego (1-0)

The Panthers rolled over the Rams, the Chargers took advantage of Bears' bumbling, and the patriots had no trouble with the Jets. A Buffalo Bill took a shot to the head and faces paralysis.

Picture of the Day
The alleged title and logo for the upcoming movie planned for next year.

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