Letters to Holly

Friday, September 7

Paper Tigers

I left work early to help the school paper editor and adviser adjust their layout. The paper is nicely designed but it needs some spacing; the columns are crammed together. I showed them how to fix some elements in their software (on a Mac, unfortunately) and suggested some small graphic elements to use if a photograph assignment didn't come through. I may go back next week to work directly with their layout person. After dinner, Your Sis and I took in the hype-a-thon that was the season kickoff TV show and then enjoyed some football.

The NFL Contest
NFC: New Orleans (0-1), St. Louis
AFC: Indianapolis (1-0), New England

NFC: New Orleans (0-1), Carolina
AFC: New England, San Diego

The Saints could only restrain the Indy offense for so long, and the second half was a scoring spree for the Colts. I'm currently a distant fourth in my fantasy league. My top running back ( a Saint) was clobbered by the Colts defense.

Picture of the Day
Uranus and its rings.

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