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Wednesday, October 3

Line Trouble

The four-day break was good for memorizing, but it doesn't help us synch with each other. The first run-through of Act Two is dismal as we stumble a lot. The problem is that we're not used to hearing the cue lines.

Here's what happens. The Swedish housekeep is on the stage, and I'm questioning her. We have our scripts in hand but not reading them. I say my line, she responds. She stops talking, so I start with my next line. She remembers she didn't get all her line out, and she tries to get it out. I stop talking, let her finish, and say my line again. I start to forget my next line, so she starts talking, and I try to blurt out my lines as I recall them. It's a mess. Doc has written his lines on index cards, but he left out a page when transcribing and relies on the judge's script. The actor playing the father-in-law has his lines down cold. The defendant (who has a lot of lines in Act Two after a fairly quiet Act One) does very well. She wasn't here Thursday because of a migraine. The second run goes much, much better, and the housekeeper and I are almost acting when we try the scene again. I should have Act Two memorized by the end of the week; I only have three witnesses in this act.

We do have an assistant director now, but she seems sick. A number of us are sniffling through rehearsal tonight. But the assistant talks the director into spreading out the attorney tables and now we have much more room between the defense station and the witness stand. But we're now further away from the judge and must turn to address him. I think we'll eventually angle the tables to where they're almost facing each other and perpendicular to the audience.

I show my photos of the cheap suit to the director and the cast sees them. They're stunned to learn I paid $5 for it, and the director approves it for the show. I'll need to change ties between acts, but that's not a problem. I learned how to do a necktie sans mirror during my first Neil Simon show.

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