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Thursday, November 15


Blogspot says this is my 400th post. Yea.

FYI, Best Buy is selling West Wing Seasons sets for $15 each. I don't know if you collect these things, but we were cuckoo of West Wing Puffs, and when Your Sis heard about the prices, she practically commanded me to go. The scene in Wizard of Oz when the witch sends out the winged monkeys from her castle tower? She looked like that. We already had 1 and 2, so I grabbed 3 through 7 during a rare lunch break on Wednesday.

I downloaded a freeware MP3 program called Audacity to make a commentary track on the play DVD. Not only am I geeking out over the technology, I'm vibrating with glee that I'm gonna make a commentary track. I should go MST3K on it.

One of her co-workers had issues with the latest issue of the school newspaper. The front page features a very large article about abortion. The subject matter isn't an issue here; it's the type of article written. It clearly is an opinion piece, albeit one written badly. Also, there's an interior picture with a kid flipping the bird in the background. The teacher is worried about backlash for both these things and asked me what kind of reaction to expect. Obviously, I can't predict that. I told her that when these are the kinds of problems that plague student-run papers.

The teacher who advises the staff is feeling overwhelmed. I've offered numerous times to help out with any concerns they have, to act like an unofficial adviser. The picture is unfortunate, but it happens. It happens on live sports TV coverage. The kid, who's clearly recognizable, should be in more trouble than the photographer or the editors.

The front-page article is, I'd wager, the best effort of a kid who doesn't understand the distinction between journalism and editorial. His editor should have said something, if she knew the distinction, and the adviser should have said something, if she knew the distinction. We have people who don't know papers making papers, and things like this happen. It's not actionable. It's merely incompetence. In the last paper, an article ran with ginned-up quotes attributed to a teacher. That's much worse than what's happening in this current issue.

Suddenly, it's cold. Literally, over night, it's cold. We're catching a taping of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me tonight, so you might hear Your Sister's laughter on this week's show.

I found a recipe for a simple glaze:
- 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
- 2 tablespoons orange or pineapple juice
- 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard
Mix together and brush. I made it last night on grilled chicken and pineapple. You don't have to only use this on meat. Any baked or grilled fruit will work well.

Picture of the Day
From the most recent shuttle flight.

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