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Tuesday, November 13

Veterans Weekend

Your Sis and I had the rare three-day weekend off. She wanted to shop a bit, and we drove out of town after grabbing eats at the local bakery. She wants pearls for Christmas, and we looked at a few options at mall jewelry stores. The prices are reasonable, depending on how fancy she wants to get. I picked up a GI Joe t-shirt because I'm a manchild.

Then the show took up Saturday and Sunday evenings.

We had a lazy Monday with grocery shopping bolstered by Starbucks. We watched the entire play DVD, and I realized that for whoever I give a copy, I must add a commentary track. I gotta figure out how to do that.

The director is still sending emails accusing the managers of "insubordination" and accusing actors of being "amateurs" and "loose cannons" if they had any trouble with the lights. I don't think she meant to include me in those categories, but she did so in the last email sent exclusively to me. She wants to meet to exchange gifts. The artistic director of the theatre sent out a mass emails saying the problems with this show will be addressed in a theatre pow-wow and would never happen again. The drama continues to pursue me like a yapping dog.

The NFL Contest
NFC: New Orleans (4-5), St. Louis (1-8)
AFC: Indianapolis (7-2), New England (9-0)

NFC: New Orleans (4-5), Carolina (4-5)
AFC: New England (9-0), San Diego (5-4)

Indy has now lost two in a row. I won my fantasy week to make my online team 5-5.

Picture of the Day
Battlin' lawyers!

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