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Wednesday, November 21

I'm Going to Spike My Turkey Gravy with Cold Medicine.

The cold fades away slowly, and I remain in the sick bed at night. Today, my voice has turned bass, and I'm unable to sing along with the iPod. But I can add great background harmony. I've become a Pip. We grabbed Mexican food for supper and watched some Jeopardy before I retreated to the bathtub for a hot soak with the newest Vanity Fair. My best friend NyQuil helped me make it through the night.

I got an odd call from My dad earlier Tuesday. When My Mom talked to Your Sis Monday, there was some sort of comment about which car we'll drive to Alabama. My Dad called to apologize to me over his unheard remark that our new car isn't as safe as theirs. I had no idea about any of this. I was baffled. And I don't care which car we take. I assume we'll take theirs; My Mom hates driving through Atlanta and mountains, so she should be in her car to feel more comfortable.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving. hope the alabama travel doesn't make you sicker.

i look forward to hearing stories...