Letters to Holly

Monday, November 26


It was a good drive with the parents both ways. Dad and I split the driving Thursday but I drove the whole way Friday, including the jaunt back up the mountain to Chez Ass Smack. I also drove twice and back to Hendersonville within 12 hours this weekend, and now, after my work commute, I'm pretty damn sick of driving. Here's the highlights:

1) Your Brother and Our Sis-in-Law made the same spread as last year minus a baked turkey. They fried both birds this year, and the fixins were damn good eats.

2) Your Brother has grown a beard to piss off his boss, who personally dislikes facial hair. This is a office-wide gesture to stick it to the man.

2a) Your Brother and Sis got to talk briefly on Friday morning, and he advised us to consider any baby choices carefully.

2c) This was after an extended grilling session Thursday from Our Sis-in-Law who was determined to discover just why we haven't banged out a child. Even My Mom backed me up during the conversation when it was obvious the questions just wouldn't stop.

3) Joanne and My Mom got along great.

4) Brooke seems to have trouble with the new baby, and she's quite the conversationalist. Also, she's obsessed with Dora the Explorer. If you want to win her over, make with the Dora talk.

4b) She also has about three dolls named Madison and another named Emily. This information could save your life one day.

5) We left after a Friday brunch, and I had to drag Mom away from Joanne so we could start driving.

6) My Parents are now officially old: We stopped often for potty and smoke breaks. Also, lunch at Waffle House.

6a) My Mom handled riding through Atlanta pretty well. The traffic was much lighter than we expected.

6b) There was no small plane with a banner advertising suit sales as You and I saw when we drove back from Alabama.

7) While it was a pleasant visit, it was a short visit. Drive in, eat, sleep, eat, drive back. We missed you, but you didn't miss anything big.

7a) Except me scaring Brooke when she asked me to chase her and then got scared and wailed and wailed and wailed. I wanted to die.

7b) But this incident seem to convince Our Sis-in-Law that, maybe, no, I should not have children.

I got up early Saturday to give blood. My cold had died down enough for me to do this (which I only do for free cookies). We watched Pan's Labyrinth that night. It's not a kids movie. At all. It's violent and creepy and dark. Of course, we loved it.

We caught up with Kathy and Travis for Sunday lunch, and I invited him out for a man-date to see The Mist, a film I've waited 20+ years to see. And it is very good. Some divergence from the original story, but it works very well at what it's doing. This is a horror movie with monsters, not a monster movie. So if you see it, prepare yourself for good acting and lotsa tension.

The NFL Contest
NFC: New Orleans (5-6), St. Louis (2-9)
AFC: Indianapolis (9-2), New England (11-0)

NFC: New Orleans (5-6), Carolina (4-7)
AFC: New England (11-0), San Diego (6-5)

My fantasy team got killed this week, bringing me to 6-6 for the season. We watched the Patriots evade a shockingly game Eagles team last night.

Picture of the Day
The Thing dressed as Blackbeard rapping NWA. I Photoshopped this for one of my message boards.

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