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Wednesday, November 28

An Adventure into Another Universe

I've tried search engines and various email addresses to contact folks from my college days. A good number of those I managed to find have MySpace pages which allow you to email them only if you have an account. So, with a great trepidation unfelt since my very early days online, I signed up yesterday for a MySpace page. I then emailed via the site two gals I knew from college and university and let folks on one message board know I had taken the plunge.

It worked. I've heard back from one person with whom I shared an ECU newspaper office, and I've been befriended by the message-board people. I can see the appeal of the site. It works like a one-page website, but I prefer the options of my own page at GeoCities. That site's free 25 megs of space is plenty for what I want to do there. The MySpace page is strictly for those folks who are trying to find me or want to contact me.

I had a monster headache after work yesterday, bad enough to require medicine. I never get those kinds of headaches and certainly never take pills for them. It faded eventually, and Your Sis enjoyed the chance to play nursemaid again.

Picture of the Day
One of the new pics from 2008's Indiana Jones sequel. Screw the mileage, it's the years.

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