Letters to Holly

Thursday, November 29

Happy Birthday

To ensure there are no Three's Company-level misunderstandings, I told Your Sis about the MySpace page. I showed her how the site works and that I couldn't be found by searching for the name of our town. But when we did that search, we found a bunch of her students' pages. She was fascinated by what they were saying and how. They love to talk vulgar, only they do it badly. I think she could spend the whole night reading their pages.

We worked over rough drafts of research papers, and some of these are lousy. Lacking in basic sentence competence, and a number of these kids are from the local Private Academy for Precious Snowflakes Who Can't Hack Real Classrooms. Those parents are getting ripped off if they think their kids have a head start before entering high school. One paper was so bad we sincerely wondered if it were a Babel Fish translation of a paper written in another language.

Picture of the Day
I couldn't find the video. Even with my significant search-fu.

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