Letters to Holly

Monday, December 3

In the Meantime

We attended our first school basketball games of the season Friday night. The girls team is sloppy except for one freshman who obviously plays against older brothers. She's astounding. She has deadly skills and the right attitude. She didn't change expressions once, never argued a foul, never pouted over a missed shot. She played hard and well. I want to see all her games. The boys killed the county rivals, but they weren't as much fun to watch.

We Christmas shopped the next day. I'm trying to piece together Your Sister's gift, but she insists on tagging along with me in town and making shopping close to home impossible. We split up in Asheville, and I did find just the thing I need to get the project started. Yes, I'm being vague. She is now sick at home after a miserable Sunday. I laundered and grocered and tended to her. But mostly I started the Gift Project assembly and worked on a sketch for an online Secret Santa. He asked for Spidey.

Also? I dusted off the Katamari game to hone my Damacy-Fu.

Picture of the Day
Here are the sketches I popped out early last week. I began a larger rough Sunday, and when that's tight, I'll copy it to another sheet to ink.

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