Letters to Holly

Friday, December 7


Your Sis had such a good day at work that she ended the evening with a soak. She never uses the tub. Incredibly, she used the bathtub whirlpool jets for the first time. We've been in that house for more than 2 years.

We ordered pizza and watched tiFauxed House and some football. I manged to turn to Entertainment Tonight just in time for her to see the coverage of Speed Racer, and her face just lit up.

I think we're putting up the tree this weekend. I mailed out my Secret Santa gift despite a hard sell for Priority mail from the lady behind the counter. A very hard sell, almost belligerent. If we meet on the street, I shall challenge her to a duel.

Moving Picture of the Day
She saw this: the trailer for Speed Racer, by the folks behind The Matrix and V for Vendetta.

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