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Monday, January 14

Catching Up

Your Sister spent much of the weekend grading papers as the semester ends this week. I used the quiet time to try my first run of 2008, and I'm feeling it a bit two days later. I ran about 2 miles with s small walking break, and it was my best chance to try the new running shirt. It's incredibly tight. Indecent, even. But it helps me stay upright while I run.

The comic script is moving well. I take breaks to step back and see if this is developing into what I want instead of organically blossoming into crud. So far, so good, I think.

The NFL playoffs this weekend brought some surprises, and Your Sister wasn't happy to remember that I picked the two remaining AFC teams (New England, San Diego), the latter beating her Colts yesterday in an upset. This leaves next weekend's games as:

San Diego vs. New England
San Diego's game yesterday left them beat up, and they might limp to their game against the Patriot machine.

New York vs. Green Bay
New York has gotten hot at just the right time and have to play in front of the most rabid fanbase in the league.

These will be good games.

Your Sister proposed a double-event Valentine's date: We'll catch a play at her old college in the afternoon and see a wrestling PPV in person that night.

Per her request, we watched the first episode of the new Terminator series last night, and she seemed to like it. She's a big fan of the films.

Picture of the Day
A big shuttle photo.

In the News
I watched some C-SPAN Michigan coverage. McCain isn't offering much but assurances that he'll encourage young people to join the military, and he'll get Bin Laden. He's doddering, and it's a shame that he missed his best chance to win the White House because of dirty politics in South Carolina in 2000. The state's largest paper endorsed him this weekend.

The current Edwards TV ad for South Carlina (his home state) is a weak bit of pandering to the blue collars. I haven't seen an Obama ad since Christmas.

Rumors say Giuliani has stopped paying his campaign staff. He has no presence in South Carolina.

The talk-show hosts are clearly backing Thompson and were giddy over his performance in the Thursday debate. He's running on a heavy immigration platform, and that's essentially it. He's now bickering with Huckabee to make headlines.

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