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Wednesday, January 9

Going to a Show

Maybe, like a lot of high school kids, you watched a TV miniseries of The Scarlet Letter. It was produced by the Boston PBS station back in 1979, and many English teachers rely on it to help kids dig the Hawthorne book. I saw it in 10th grade. Your Sister saw it around the same time and fell madly in filthy, pagan lust with the guy playing the preacher.

Well, guess who's coming to Asheville in a touring play? When I heard the radio ad for the show Wednesday morning, I left her a message asking if she wanted tickets. Five hours later, through spooky willpower, I heard her reply even before my phone rang. We're going next weekend. I may be asked to walk around the theatre so she can be alone with him. And the other 300 audience members, of course. She's fully aware that he'll be thirty years older now. Don't think it matters.

Picture of the Day

In the News
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is allegedly leaving the campaign later today. This is surprising; he said earlier this week that he had high hopes for winning western primaries. I thought he'd stick around a while to bolster his case for a cabinet position. Presumably, he simply doesn't have the money to continue. Three states have issued delegates: Iowa, Wyoming (GOP only), and New Hampshire. In five contests, there have been five different winners. Richardson can be seen as a solid second-place candidate. But I suspect his Hispanic heritage works against him. Too many yokels will fret he'll be kind to illegals.

Romney expects/hopes/needs to win Michigan next Tuesday because his dad was governor there. The Democrats are boycotting the state because the local party chiefs broke ranks to move the primary up the calendar. FOX is hosting a GOP debate tonight. It's seen as a last-gasp measure for Thompson and Guilani, who is gambling on winning the Florida primary later this month to jumpstart his campaign.

NY Mayor Bloomberg is still rumored to debate a presidential bid, but he has to hop in quick to get onto ballots of states for next month's multiple-primary Tuesday or he'll dig himself a delegate hole.

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Radiohead's In Rainbows was last week's best-selling CD even though the entire album was released digitally a few months back. I bought my copy after downloading the album without paying. The CD only sold 120,000 copies, but still came out on top.

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