Letters to Holly

Wednesday, January 9

Watching New Hampshire

After watching the Monday Daily Show and Colbert Report, we expected to call it a night until I flipped to CNN to check on the primaries. Then we watched it for about two hours.

Obviously, the Democrat vote turnout was huge. But the discrepancy between party votes and placement is stunning. Check these out:
  1. Clinton beat McCain by almost 30,000 votes.
  2. McCain got almost 20,000 fewer votes than Obama, the second-place Democrat.
  3. Edwards, the third-place Democrat, beat Huckabee, the third-place Republican, by almost twice as many votes.
  4. Fred Thompson, the drafted candidate meant to save the party from mediocrity, not only came in seventh (and two spots behind write-ins), but he had 1,000 votes fewer than Kucinich, a marginal Democrat candidate.
I found the honeymoon photos you left at Your Parents'. I think Sausage Kitty ate the other cat.

Picture of the Day
Vampire Kermit.


Anonymous said...

great. glad you found the pics.

i'm pretty sure there's soon to expire milk in the fridge. and i'm also very sure that I left the vw bug unlocked on the drivers side. can you take care of both of those tiny situations? and of course i will pay you back in beer.

you are the best.

Gregory said...

The milk is already in the freezer, and I'll check the bug the next time I go.