Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 26

Scorched Earth

Your Parents brought over a bag of tarps no longer used on their woodpile. After a quick trip to Lowe's for metal anchors, I stretched them over the designated garden space. The tarps, not Your Parents. I cleared away all the bushes and shrubs and ivy last fall and hoped the winter would kill the remaining overgrowth. Now, we're going to cook it away. The tarps should stay in place for about a month, killing everything underneath it. Then we'll till the whole garden swath and plant whatever we decide to try this year. I still need a to rent a woodchipper to make mulch.

Your Sis is still working toward an active three-day weekend, and I am dreading going back to teh show for the last three nights. The time away is addictive.

Picture of the Day
I don't need an excuse to post a David Bowie picture.

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