Letters to Holly

Friday, March 28

An Updad

Dad called last night, following the day's checkup, to say he got a good report. His blood's good, the growths have minimized, and he's even gained weight. He has another chemo on Monday and a CAT scan to check the internals, but so far, so very good.

Your Sis took today off, and while she prepares for the Sunday cast party, she'll also have her brakes looked at. She asked the cleaning lady to come by this morning. She came very early. I met her for the first time as I was leaving. I knew she arrived becuase I could clearly hear her talking on the other side of the house while I as in the shower. She talks like a fire siren.

I'm looking forward to ending this play. I've had my taste of free time, and I crave more. I noticed again last night that restaurants have the previous show's poster in their windows; I wonder what happened to all the ones printed for this show. The magnet cards look great, and I'll apply the magnet tape tomorrow. I need to talk to the other cast members about a director gift, and I'm leaning to a bottle of whiskey as my character spends the whole show drinking.

Picture of the Day
This is the teaser poster for the second X-Files movie. The series lost me after it ignored the progress made in the first film, and I can't say I'm eager to see this. But an extended X-Files episode focusing on its best elements -- conspiracy, cynicism, bizarre mutations -- could be good for a weekend movie.

And that's a nice design.

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